WTB Pearson Biology 12

Looking for Year 12 Pearson Biology Text to purchase 2nd Hand -
If you’d like to sell please contact me on 0490 055 131. Thanks, Sarah.

Hi Sarah

I have recently finished year 12 biology and looking to sell my year 12 student book. The book is in great condition. Unfortunately, I have used the skills and assessment book and the eBook, so I can’t give you them. However, The student book is the main book you need, and I know you can get the eBook and skills & assessment for cheap on their own. I’m happy to sell for $40. If you are interested, just reply to this thread and I will give you a call as soon as I can.


Thanks Ellie, I’m just waiting to hear back from Bibi Thomas to see how desperate the e-book is needed and make sure it’s still a ‘not too difficult’ process to purchase separately, which is what I did for the year 11 one so should be fine. If you could text me your number, I can get back to you as soon as Bibi has responded. It’s easier for me to deal via mobile. Thanks heaps, Sarah 0490 055 131

Since heard back from Bibi. I’ll take the book Ellie :slight_smile: If you could contact me via mobile, we can arrange payment and postage. Thanks, Sarah.