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Welcome to the FaithCSDE Coursebook Buy/Sell Forum!

This forum is for Secondary texts used in Secondary FSCDE Subjects only. Please use other forums for buying and selling other curriculum products.

Here are some instructions on how to use the forum.

Firstly, go to the home page by clicking on this symbol at the top of your screen (you can right-click the symbol and select open a new tab if you want to have these instructions open while you do the steps):

You can see that the subjects are separated into groups. For example, you’ll notice that all of the English subjects are grouped together (as shown below):

Click on the forum that you are wanting to buy/sell a coursebook in.
For example, you would click on the forum named “English (Essential - Year 12)” if you wanted to trade a year 12 Essential English coursebook.

Click on the button that looks like this if you want to sell a coursebook:

Name the heading in the following format:

For example:
“Fly Away Peter (FREE - AVAILABLE)” or “Fly Away Peter ($10 - AVAILABLE)”

You can leave additional comments below, such as contact details, the physical condition of the book, etc.

When you are done, click the button which looks like this:

Here is an example:

Once it has been traded, please update the “AVAILABLE” to “UNAVAILABLE” in the title, as this will help parents know if the book has been swapped yet.

Thank you for participating!